Spider Pest Control and Removal Services for Echuca and Moama Residents

Around 35,000 species of spiders are found across the world and around 27 species are known to be associated with cases of human fatalities.

Spiders normally prefer to build their homes in corners or in small, dark, warm spaces inside air vents or wall cracks. Interestingly, there are certain species that prefer outdoor spaces and build their homes in your backyard or close to outdoor lights. While most species are harmless, but the very presence of spiders may irritate you as you struggle to eliminate their webbing and keep them out of your sight.

But how do spiders enter into your property? Well, open windows and poorly-screened doors and windows provide an easy entry path to spiders. Spiders also enter your homes through cracks and gaps in door and window frames. Sometimes, spiders may enter your home accidentally by riding on boxes or other outdoor items that are brought inside your home.

Don’t put your family at risk by letting the issue continue. At the first sign of spiders infesting your Echuca or Moama home, contact the experienced technicians at On Track Pest Control for their fast and efficient removal.

Ways to detect spider infestation

  • Presence of spider webs is a classic indication of spider infestation.
  • Check for infestation signs in your closet, attic, basements, and damp spots.
  • Spiders lay their eggs on a silken sac, which may remain fixed to the surface or veiled inside the mesh.
  • Spiders feed on woodlice, flies, and ants and the presence of such insects may signal the presence of spiders too.

Industry-backed knowledge for complete spider removal

If you have detected a spider infestation, schedule an appointment with our spider control technicians who have in-depth knowledge of pest behaviour and are adept at implementing the safest and the most effective spider prevention and spider removal procedures.

Call us on 0408 900 311, send an email through to info@ontimepestcontrol.com.au, or leave your details on our easy online enquiry form, to know how our field biologists and service technicians can help you in defining and implementing the best spider control techniques.