Termites destroy more homes in Australia compared to natural disasters. Surprised? Well, it’s true. Even a crack in your building block can serve as an entry route for termites, allowing them to build colonies in your premises.

Termite treatments start with the installation of termite barriers below the ground or around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. The barriers prevent the entry of subterranean termites into your home. High-quality termite barriers will provide long-term protection, allowing you to have peace of mind and saving you money which you might otherwise spend on additional protective measures.

Physical Termite Barrier

Physical termite barrier systems appear in the form of sheets, which are overlapped and sealed with glue. The layer is installed below the ground, under the foundation of the home. Depending on the homeowner’s unique requirements, the barrier is either placed below the slab to provide complete coverage or it is placed around the perimeter of the slab and pipe locations.

When does a physical barrier prove to be most useful?

  • If you are constructing a new home
  • If you are promoting an extension to your home

What builders should know

On Time Pest Control is one of the most reputed suppliers of pre-construction termite barriers that are noted for their long-lasting impacts and effectiveness. Our service technicians know their job very well and they strive to make sure that your property remains protected for years.

What new homeowners should know

When you buy a home that has a physical termite barrier installed by On Time Pest Control, you can relax knowing that the work has been undertaken by the most experienced and expert service technicians in the industry. We offer comprehensive annual check-ups and provide termite warranty, which further reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with the highest standard of service.

Chemical Termite Barrier

Termite invasions cannot be detected readily and when they are actually detected, the invasion might have assumed a bigger shape. Preventive measures, which involve the use of chemical barriers, can go a long way to protect your home from imminent damages.

The process of applying a chemical termite barrier involves the application of a liquid chemical to the ground, either beneath the concrete flooring or around the perimeter of the foundation. At On Time Pest Control, we have technicians, who are professionally trained to undertake operations in the most efficient manner, making sure that they cause minimum disturbance to your environment.

So who should invest in a chemical barrier?

While termite barriers should be put in place at the time of construction, it is equally beneficial to apply a chemical barrier at any point of time or when a termite invasion is suspected.

So what options do you have?

Chemical barriers come in diverse varieties. For instance, some chemical barriers have the potential to kill termites while others demonstrate repellent properties. Every homeowner faces a different situation and hence, they should understand which type of chemical barrier would perfectly address their unique needs.

We train our team of technicians on a regular basis to allow them to stay updated on the latest developments and to have the expertise to use the latest technologies.

Our termite protection systems and procedures are based on the AS 3660.1 – 2000 Termite Management New Building Work and AS 3660.2 – 2000 standard and we strive to create a benchmark in the industry, promoting new developments and exceeding our clients’ expectations with every work that we complete successfully.