Termites are a type of insets that thrive on dead plant remnants and can digest cellulose. Subterranean termites are the most invasive species of termites, which build their homes in the soil and make their way to the surface to seek wood or any other source from where they can extract cellulose. Subterranean termites may cause significant damage to wooden flooring, kitchen cabinets, door frames, and staircases. Whether you believe or not, it just takes 2 weeks for subterranean termites to destroy an entire wooden floor.

You will be alarmed to know that damages caused by termites can decrease your home’s value by more than 25 %. Termite invasion translates into costly repairs. If you detect signs of termite invasion, you may want to act immediately and engage a professional team in addressing termite infiltration.

At On Time Pest Control, we put strong emphasis on continuous improvement, which is why we make sure that we train our service technicians on a periodic basis to enable them to stay competent at all times.

Pre-construction Termite Treatment

Secure your building from the possibilities of termite-invasions right from the early stages of construction. Our preconstruction termite treatment is based on IS 6313 (part II) 2013 standards and we are always driven to set a new benchmark in the industry by being one of the most reputed customer-oriented companies in the field.
An essential part of our pre-construction treatment is the creation of a chemical barrier between your building and the ground. This barrier restricts the entry of termites into your home. When you allow our team to provide you with pre-construction termite treatment services, you can relax knowing that your home is secured against termite invasion.

The pre-treatment process typically begins with a field survey, which is conducted to determine treatment feasibility as well as the treatment-type. Our team will then take the appropriate measures to prepare your site for treatment. The soil will be treated with chemical so as to create a lethal barrier that will function as a termite repellent.

Spots where termite protection treatment is conducted:
• Wall and floor confluence
• Column backfill soil
• Top surface of the platform coating
• Below apron PCC
• External perimeter
• Expansion joints

Post Construction Termite Treatment

At On Time Pest Control, we ensure that your life’s most valuable asset remains protected against damages caused by termites.

Feel confident about our services knowing that:
• We address your unique needs in the most appropriate manner through our specialised surveying and treatment techniques.
• We apply methods that are safe and certified.
• We care about your wellbeing and do our best to protect your home.
• We have long-term plans that are specially designed to safeguard your assets.

How does the Post Construction Termite Control work?

We inject liquid termiticide into the ground surrounding your premises to create a barrier between your building’s structure and the soil. The repellent can be applied around the foundations and under a concrete floor as well. As termites enter the treated areas to search for food, they come into contact with the chemical. The chemical sticks to their bodies apart from being consumed. The chemical is passed onto other termites by way of physical contact, which in turn, contributes to a reduction in their population.